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My Current Favorites (That You’re Probably Not Watching — Why???)

I love the following TV shows and movies and want to talk about them with YOU, but you’re NOT watching them!!!!

1. Hannibal

Okay, I’ve been screaming this from the rooftops and some of you are listening. Thank you. But will you hurry up and finish the damn series so we can talk full-on spoiler action to the max? Please?

2. The Fall

Cougar Gillian Anderson and fake jail-bait Aisling Franciosi compete for my affections while this mesmerizing cat-and-mouse story has me binge watching harder than Chinese calculus.

3. Kill List

Is it post-modern action movie? Is it post-modern horror movie? Is it post-modern family drama? None of the above? It’s a movie that got under my skin like very few do. I feel growing up with 80s horror and action movies made me primed to fall in love at first sight.

More to come…

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Kill List (2011)

I really liked this movie. Especially the way that it handles exposition—it doesn’t. We are dropped right into the world of these characters, told very little about them, and have to just go for the ride. We’re well into the first act before we figure out the premise: A former contract killer agrees to come out of retirement for one more job. On its face, it sounds like every other hit-man movie you’ve ever seen—which only belies the bizarre twists and turns that are to come.

I think the degree to which a person likes this movie will depend on how much they like to participate in the creative part of the movie-watching experience. Some movies spell everything out; other movies leave room to allow for the viewer to bring something of their own to the experience.

Recalling way back to my liberal arts education, I remember that the German Romanticists believed that the artist and the viewer were equals in the creative experience. In other words, the interpretation a viewer creates from experiencing a piece of art is an artistic endeavor equal to that of the artist who creates it in the first place.

So whenever we watch a movie, the question we must answer is how much effort do we want to put into “creating” the movie we’re watching? A movie like Kill List requires a LOT of effort, or at least a lot more than the average movie. On the other side of the spectrum are all the filmmakers that spoon-feed you exactly what to think (Oliver Stone, for example), and most Hollywood movies that over-explain and tie up every single loose end before the credits roll.

Unfortunately there are times when the combination of thick British accents and naturalistic dialogue (characters talking over each other, sometimes mumbling, etc.) make what is already a challenging narrative virtually impenetrable. I found myself rewinding to catch dialogue I missed. It’s a small criticism because those very same elements contribute much to the gritty and authentic feel of Kill List.

If you don’t want to risk spoilers, stop reading now. Otherwise… Continue reading

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