Halloween is awesome! You know what’s not awesome? Having to wait a whole year in between Halloweens. I mean, Christmas fans get the whole “Christmas in July” thing, so why do we Halloween fans get jipped? Not anymore!

Say hello to Hal(f)loween!

The date of Hal(f)loween is April 30th. Exactly 6 months between Halloweens and coinciding with Walpurgisnacht (look it up, it’s real!), Hal(f)loween was destined to be invented sooner or later.

So how do you throw your own Hal(f)loween celebration?

Here are the rules:

1. Don’t forget the second L.

It’s pronounced “half-low-een.” Some rebels among us are trying to popularize another pronunciation. I suggest you stay away from them. Fake news.

2. All fun, no stress.

Costumes are STRONGLY encouraged, but to keep it simple, Hal(f)loween is about reusing costumes from the past. Save your creativity (and money) for actual Halloween. If you’re not into wearing an old costume, borrowing a costume is a great alternative, yay!

3. Um…

No more rules! But some suggestions:

  • Stock up on pumpkin beers in the fall. You’ll have a hell of a time finding them in April.
  • Buy candy the day after Easter and you’ll save gobs of money. Sure, it’ll be mostly chocolate bunnies and jellybeans, but you’ll save 70%!
  • Make your party BYOD (as in decorations). A “decorations potluck” will save prep time and help keep the party hosts from stressing out. Plus the decorations people bring will also serve as their party favor that they get to take home at the end of the evening. Win win!
  • Carve turnips (or are the rutabagas?). The only thing harder to find that pumpkin beers in the spring are pumpkins.
  • Don’t be afraid to half-ass anything that seems like too much work. It’s in the name, after all.
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