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Did I help you discover a new favorite movie (or two, or three, or more)?

Say, “Thanks, Curtis!” by purchasing something from this store. You’ll not only be thanking me, but you will be discovering some truly esoteric movies and fiction that none of your friends will have seen or read. It’s a win-win!

(That’s quite a spin on plugging my stuff, ain’t it?)

What Remains [Buy It | Rent It]

Experience a deteriorating mind…

Victor is a lonesome, artistic drifter, a man mourning a lover and a life he once knew. A strange attraction to an odd, young woman may be his chance to heal.

But has he lost too much?

What Remains is the award-winning debut short film by Writer/Director/Producer Curtis G. Schmitt. Mitch Gross’s haunting cinematography, Schmitt’s aggressive editing and Steve Weisberg’s beautiful and subtle score create an interesting and, at times, unnerving first-person perspective for the audience. The almost complete lack of dialogue underscores Victor’s isolation, and the narrative structure of the film mirrors the deterioration of his mind.

This Special Edition DVD packs in lots of extras including two commentary tracks by the director, plus Curtis G. Schmitt’s comedy short, The Hug Club, and his unreleased horror short, Wellington House.

Buy or rent What Remains at

The Hug Club (special edition) [Buy It]

A touching short film about…touching.

Men around the world are learning that they no longer need to use fists and guns, wars and bombs, when they can hug someone instead. The Hug Club for Men. Because we have bigger problems to deal with than losing our hair.

This Special Edition DVD compiles over 90 minutes of bonus footage including outtakes, alternate versions, a personal remembrance of Scott Foster by Curtis G. Schmitt, and an inspirational “hidden” interview clip of Scott Foster talking about how he discovered his life purpose.

50% of all profits from the sale of this DVD go to the Scott Foster Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Buy The Hug Club at or watch it on YouTube.

The Other Worlds [Buy It]

A collection of speculative fiction by Curtis George Schmitt…

A member of a benevolent society of time-traveling scientists struggles to solve a mystery far more profound and far-reaching than anyone realizes…

The few survivors of a global-wide catastrophe now live comfortable, yet empty lives in a force-field protected city. A fifty-year-old woman risks everything for the chance to feel alive again…

A once-valued asset of a powerful technology corporation doesn’t like the idea of being forced into retirement by the executives in charge. But this asset is no employee…

Haunted by a tragedy in his early youth, a college freshman tries to figure out which is the more dangerous ghost, the psychological or supernatural…

…the Other Worlds

Buy The Other Worlds at


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