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2013 Looks to Be a Good Year for Horror!

Still a bit too many possession movies on the roster in my opinion, but there are still a good handful of horror movies that I’m REALLY looking forward to seeing in 2013.


Zombies Google Too

The consensus is in, and I’m very worried. Either zombies are real and on their way or most of the people who use Google are stupid:

I don’t even know what to say about this next one:

Not sure why but this next search cracks me up. It seems reasonable to wonder about brains, souls, and heartbeats, but that third one came out of left field for me:

If you’d like to try out some Google searches of your own, let me know what you learn…

Fans of Pizza and The Evil Dead Unite!

The Evil Dead has seen far too many DVD releases to even count. Now get ready for a new version, filmed in Food-a-Vision! (Not really.)

Introducing the Necronomicon pizza. Read about The Necronomicon Thin Crust Edition.

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Best Movies You Didn’t See in 2011

I’ve seen 3 on this list. And good handful are streaming on Netflix. Enjoy!

Who says zombie movies are unrealistic?

Check out this fun and informative article about a Harvard psychiatrist (and sci-fi/horror fan) who has explained the neurobiology of the living dead.

Hm. Come to think of it, it also explains a lot about those Walmart-shopping, McDonalds-eating, church-going, Republican-voting real-life “zombies.”

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The Loved Ones gets a theatrical release (finally!)

After 3 years of being available in the United States only as an illegal download, one of my favorite horror movies is finally getting some exposure in a limited release to 6 cities on June 1.

Let’s hope it does well and gets an expanded run!

To find out more information visit The Loved Ones official site.

[Read my review of The Loved Ones here.]


The Cabin in the Woods vs. The Hunger Games

Which one do you think makes a better critique about our (the audience’s) complicity in the violence in entertainment, The Hunger Games or The Cabin in the Woods?

I think it’s much more hidden in Cabin, but this article from Ain’t It Cool News makes a good argument.

If you don’t want to risk spoilers, stop reading now. Otherwise… Continue reading

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Red pill or blue pill? Finally, an answer!

Filmspotting (one of my favorite podcasts) has just posed this question from The Matrix as their latest poll. Do you take the…

  • Blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe
  • Red pill – you stay in Wonderland and you see how deep the rabbit-hole goes

Like Neo, my choice was to take the red pill…that is, until I read this response from a commenter:

Taking the blue pill is the only rational choice. Here’s why: The question presupposes that you already know the Matrix exists. Because you’ve been granted this knowledge, there’s a serious epistemological problem here. Even if you stay in Wonderland, there’s no way you can ever be sure that you’re not still in the Matrix, albeit a different and far bleaker manifestation of it. What, you’re supposed to believe this is reality just because a guy in a leather trench coat and sunglasses says so? Your real options are between a world of perpetual, mind-crushing epistemic uncertainty (red pill) and one of relative psychological comfort and ease (blue pill), the latter of which, post-pill-ingestion, will at least give you some ontological ground to stand on. In the words of Mr. White, that ain’t no choice at all.

I’m convinced. How about you?

Comment and let me know what you think.

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The Making of Michael Mann’s Heat

For fans of Michael Mann’s Heat, this spoof of a “making of” featurette is hilarious.

Empathy was yesterday… ‘Nuff said. 🙂

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The 100 Best Movies Streaming on Netflix

If you’re looking for something to watch on Netflix, has compiled their list of the 100 Best Movies Streaming on Netflix Right Now.

You’ll find several of their selections reviewed here at Curtis Loves Movies, so it must be a good list.

Plus, for horror fans, there’s a good percentage of horror movies on this list. And not just mainstream stuff. Some of my favorite indie and foreign horror movies made the cut.


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