About Curtis

My name is Curtis. I love movies.

You won’t find any negative reviews here. If I’ve watched a bad movie, I’ve already wasted about two hours of my life. Why would I want to waste more of my life blogging about it?

But I’m a student of story, so I enjoy thinking about how movies could be better. I may share some of those ideas from time to time.

A word about SPOILERS

For any given movie I write about on this blog, you will have either seen it or not seen it…

  • If you have NOT seen the movie, read only what’s visible on the homepage. Do not click through to the full post. As long as you follow that one rule, you won’t accidentally learn that all the characters are in the narrator’s head, or the cop who’s hunting the serial killer is the serial killer, or the lovable alien creature dies and is resurrected by the love of a young boy, etc.
  • If you HAVE seen the movie, and you would like to know what I thought about the various plot twists and specifics of the story, read the full post. And I invite you to share your thoughts and feelings in the comments section.

A word about Comments

Be polite and respectful or your comment will not be approved. I have all of the power. You have none. I am your Comment God. Respect me and respect the other voices on this blog or be banished from my tiny, unpopular personal blogosphere.

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