2013: The Year So Far

As a rule, I don’t go to the multiplex very often. Curtis don’t love da plex! I prefer my local art house theatre and Netflix. So I tend to see movies months or years after they’re released. That said, I have seen some 2013 movies, and here’s how the year stands up so far:

  1. Iron Man 3 *****
  2. Oz the Great and Powerful *****
  3. The Place Beyond the Pines ****
  4. Upstream Color ****
  5. No ****
  6. The Great Gatsby ****
  7. The Company You Keep ****
  8. Evil Dead ****
  9. The ABCs of Death ****
  10. Star Trek Into Darkness ***
  11. Quartet ***
  12. Room 237 ***
  13. The Purge ***
  14. Man of Steel ***

Click here for the full list of movies I’ve seen this year.


3 thoughts on “2013: The Year So Far

  1. I am horrified that “Iron Man 3” tops this list. Curtis, it was shit! It made me angry. With the exception of one scene (the plane rescue), it did not offer genuine thrills. The dialogue is forced. The action is bland. The villains fade into the background. All I remember is a mish-mash of shootouts that can be taken from a number of action pictures. HOW did it get green-lit? I think they made the movie too fast with minimal script.

    I am equally horrified that “Man of Steel” is at the bottom. Unlike “Iron Man 3,” it actually has a story, put together well (even with flashbacks!), and I admired that it dares to redefine Superman by taking courses of action that are very un-Supermanlike. I am craving for a sequel.

    …unlike the upcoming sequel for “The ABCs of Death.” This and his friend “V/H/S” can both collect dust in the basement.

    I’m glad you enjoyed “Evil Dead,” though! That movie made me squirm in my seat. Ugh, the shower scene! My eyes!!

  2. Curtis says:

    Yeah, I think we want different things from superhero movies. I found Man of Steel to be utterly joyless. I loved Memento, but Nolan’s uber-serious approach to movies that “should” be fun (IMO) doesn’t work for me. Other than the Joker’s scenes in the 2nd Batman, that trilogy was a big yawn for me. I get my drama from dramas, not action movies. That being said, I understand people who want serious comic book movies, it’s just not my thing. And for full disclosure, I’m a HUGE Shane Black fan, so I was bound to like Iron Man 3 no matter what. He’s all about setups and payoffs, and I had more fun in any one minute of Iron Man 3 than in all of Man of Steel.

    I wasn’t a huge fan of V/H/S but I’ve heard the producers learned their lesson and the sequel is supposed to be a lot of fun. I had a lot of fun with ABCs of Death. I think the fact that they were only 5 minutes long helped.

    Guess the theme of this comment is fun! 🙂

    • Curtis says:

      Oh, and I did give Man of Steel three stars (just barely), which means “I liked it.” Two stars is “I didn’t like it.” It was just over the line. I enjoyed Michael Shannon and some of the other actors, and I did like the scene where Superman’s learning to fly, and the stuff on Krypton was kind of interesting.

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