2013 Looks to Be a Good Year for Horror!

Still a bit too many possession movies on the roster in my opinion, but there are still a good handful of horror movies that I’m REALLY looking forward to seeing in 2013.



One thought on “2013 Looks to Be a Good Year for Horror!

  1. I’m most excited for “The Conjuring” and “Insidious 2.” I’m big fan of James Wan; I think he can be the future of horror, if he isn’t one already. Early reviews for the former are up on RT and I am very surprised that it is being received so well.

    On the flip side, I am least excited for these damn “Paranormal Activity” movies. Oh my god, they seem get worse every time. And the “V/H/S” series needs to stay in the basement and get crushed by heavy boxes. The first one is shockingly bad–with one or two gems. I particularly liked Ti West’s entry.

    “Carrie” looks… sigh. But I’m optimistic!

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