Dead Snow (2009)

(Streaming on Netflix as of 10/27/2011)

Ever wonder how many ways there are to use a snowmobile to kill a zombie Nazi? Well, wonder no more, thanks to Dead Snow!

Dead Snow is by no means original—some college kids vacation to a cabin (The Evil Dead) in the snowy mountains to party and have sex (Hot Dog…The Movie) and get attacked by zombies who’ve come back to reclaim their ill-begotten treasure (The Fog)—but it’s certainly entertaining. The kids are likeable and fun, the gore gags are over-the-top and disgusting, and the photography of the Norwegian mountains is gorgeous.

If you want to enjoy Dead Snow, expect it to get goofy. With a tag line like “Ein! Zwei! Die!” no one could ever accuse the filmmakers of hiding their campy intentions. I, however, was unaware of this marketing before watching the movie, and was a little confused by its inconsistent tone. The first half plays the horror pretty straight, if a tad low budget, and the initial signs of goofiness felt a bit like bad filmmaking. But soon it becomes quite obvious we’ve entered Sam Raimi territory—and writer/director Tommy Wirkola does such a good job, I bet Mr. Raimi is scratching his head wondering why he didn’t think of frozen zombie Nazis first.

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